Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Also, this week in "Those Wacky Japanese"

It's nice to see the beginning of what future humans will call "Master" being developed in none other than Japan! They have a catastrophic natural disaster which leads to a man made disaster, and they are just pumping out tech to deal with it. Flying space ball? I am sure that I have seen something like this shoot at humans in no less than 3 sci-fi films or tv shows (Star Trek:TNG, Dark Angel, Star Wars)

This is the Droid you are looking for!

I just read an article about the Stanford Prison Experiment. Fascinating piece, but did not leave a good taste in me mouth about Stanford research...then this! Freaking light saber robot, or as they called it the JediBot.

Also read this and see if you can guess the password to my email account. Seriously, don't try but do read this article on the science of password selection.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Want to meet a famous Hollywood actor?

Me too, but until then there is my buddy Malcolm Barrett from high school, who for all intents and purposes has been successful in "the biz". With guest spots on the Sopranos, Psych, and Law and Order to name a few, and with a few cancelled shows under his belt (can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs) I would say that acting and being generally an entertainer has worked out for him. Here is a link to his Reddit IAma interview with Jonathan Slavin his co-star (and friend) in his last venture "Better Off Ted" (he was the only black cast member, I think Jonathan Slavin was the only Flemish speaking actor, so they are obviously like two peas in a pod).

Also, if you are interested in his other ventures, please see his awesome music video "Revenge of the Nerds" off of his upcoming (or released by now) album, "Backpackers Guide to the Galaxy". You are a talented person my friend. And you will NEVER get that Mos Def album back from me, it's going to be a collectors item soon:

"We have here an original article stolen from one Malcolm Barrett, Mos Def's first album, promised to be returned by one Adeola Akinola, who, uh, never did."

Friday, July 08, 2011

Hilarious, Happy Belated 4th!

A New York Times Op-Ed art piece reminds us that if America was on Facebook it would be one of those friends that takes up your entire news feed cause they always have so much sh!t going on...

Link to the Original